FearCon Exhibitor Application

Expected 15,000+ Attendees

FearCon is expecting to host over 15,000 Halloween enthusiasts over the course the event! There is no better way to showcase your product in front of thousands of people.

Our Attendees Purchase Product

During FearCon, over 70% of our attendees indicate that they anticipate on purchasing product from our exhibitors at FearCon Utah. Be ready to not only advertise, but sell!

Improve Brand Awareness

It doesn’t matter whether your company is brand new or long established, improve your brand awareness by getting in front of over 15,000 attendees at FearCon Utah.


Build your company by networking with influential people, cosplayers, you-tubers, and organizations from around the horror world. It is a can’t miss opportunity for prime networking.


October 5th is the last day we will accept booth registrations or until we sell out.

Due to demand and space restrictions, we will be raising our booth prices each month. This will give companies ample time to register early and secure their spot before we are sold out.

Makers Market 6'x6' Booth

Show Places Booth
$427 Per Space

6’ wide x 6′ deep booth space

8′ back drape


4′ table

1 chair

2 vendor passes

Show Places Booth & Can Change Placement At Any Time

Standard 10'x10' Booth

Does NOT Include Table or Chairs + Show Places Booth
$597 Per 10x10 Space


10’x10′ Booth Space

8′ back drape

3′ side drape

4 vendor passes

Show places booth & can move it at any time

Premium 10'x10' Booth

Includes Table & Chairs + You Choose Booth Location
$697 Per 10x10 Space


10’x10′ booth space

8′ back drape

3′ side drape

8′ table

2 Chairs

4 vendor passes

Facebook Post Announcing Booth
$250 value

Product affiliate ad will run 1 year
$500 value

Guaranteed Booth Location Placement*
$1,000 Value

(*if there is a floor plan change, each company will be contact in the order the signed up to determine new location)

Important Information

FearCon will be dimly lit throughout the venue. Lights to display your products are recommended, but not required.
Each vendor is responsible for bringing their own lighting. Power is NOT included with your booth and can be purchased at an additional cost from JP Display by emailing alexa@jpdisplay.com

Basic Sponsor

Includes 10x10 Space

10×10 Premium booth

FB & IG Announcement of Sponsorship

Logo on fearcon.com

Entry table flyer

Logo on printed advertising material

Premium Sponsor

Includes 10x20 Space

10×20 Premium booth

FB & IG Announcement of Sponsorship

Logo on fearcon.com

Entry table flyer

Logo on printed advertising material

IG Live at FearCon

10 Tickets to giveaway